Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sun Presentation Minimizer for StarOffice and OpenOffice

The Sun Presentation Minimizer is a great extension to reduce the file size of an Impress presentation. It does so by

  • cropping images according to their visibility

  • reducing image quality (e.g. 50% JPEG at 150 dpi)

  • removing hidden slides

  • removing notes


And – quite important – it gives you a summary of what it is about to remove or modify and also an estimate on the gain (new vs. old filesize). The default setting is for a copy of the file to be created, which is good, since this is the safe path...

I have tried it on one of my recent presentations, and could reduce it from 7MB to 2.3MB... quite impressive for the default options. And (on screen) the presentation looked exactly the same... which should not be too surprising, since you really do not need 300dpi for some supporting images and graphics.

Great tool. Get it here at the extensions repository.

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