Friday, December 28, 2007

New Flickr Uploadr

Flickr released their new version (3.0) of the upload tool, aptly called uploadr.
2 technical details worth mentioning:
  1. It is open source.
  2. It is based on XULRunner, the mozilla runtime.
    (and therefore Windows and Mac OS-X)
Actually it is the first XUL application (except for Mozilla and all the direct spin offs like Flock) I came across "in the wild".

As for the features:
  • you can now manage a lot more attributes offline, i.e. still on the PC
  • the user interface and layout are a lot more clear than in previous version
  • since it is XUL it has - like Firefox and friends - an easy online update feature.
Sadly, though, the most important "Upload Photos" button vanishes unpredictably from time to time (for me). Hope this gets fixed...

Or no, it's open source, so I'll just check out the source myself, wont I.

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