Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bad webpages

While trying to get some answers from the electronic timetable for the mass transit in and around Vienna, I had to cope with a site that makes about every web-mistake in the book (at least in my book).
  1. They give you those ancient redirect warnings / helps ("If your browser does not support ...") in 2007 !! A web page that is full of frames assumes that frames do work, but redirects don't.
    Very likely ... and annoying.

  2. They are totally up-to-date with their list of supported browsers:
    • MS Internet Explorer 6
    • Netscape 7
    • Opera 7
    Ever heard of Firefox ? Safari, anyone ?

  3. In their search form they use bureaucratic terms like "Anfordern" (sorry for the German) etc. I just want to search and not "apply" for an answer...

  4. They don't know when to use drop-downs or radio buttons. Take a look at this search form

    The radio buttons are supposed to change the meaning of the second entry field. In the first field you enter your city, in the second one either the name of a station/stop (if you know it), or a street address or any point of interest.
    Would you have guessed that from the layout ?
    Why not do it with a drop-down like this:

  5. And please get rid of the "Start" label... this is not a multi-page wizard that guides me through a complex query, it's just one simple page...

Anyway, you can guess that I don't like this page.

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