Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nokia 6233 vs Gmail

So I finally got a new phone: Nokia 6233 (to replace my 1 year old 6230i).
Works great, has nice little features and a good display (and hopefully the camera is better now, didn't test it yet).
Of course - as with every odd generation of Nokia phones - it has problems with bluetooth stability.
But is has a quite good email client app.
Comes with preconfired template settings for gmail.
However, they are wrong.
If you try the ones that come with the phone, you'll get a certificate error from google.
Even if you do a manual configration according to google (find the detalis here).
Certificate seems to be for instead of and so the phone rejects it.
It's hard to diagnose with the crappy error messages, but at least it gives you a hint to the certificate.
Google for the problem and you'll find the solution to change the hostnames to instead of

Then it will work.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Flickr geotagging Vienna

Flickr now finally has a proper resulotion for Vienna for geotagging.
Now you can actually locate street corners etc...
That's good.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Firefox 2 and ConQuery

Upgrade to Firefox 2 (couldn't await the auto-update) worked great, just one of the most important extensions (now called add-on in the menu) is disabled, because its not compatiable with 2.0: ConQuery.

However, there is a modified (yet not official) version of it; check here.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mozilla Lightning Calendar support

Lightning , the calendar plugin for Thunderbird now comes with WCAP support in beta 0.3.

WCAP is the http(s)/XML based protocol for the Sun Calendar Server. Obviously, we in Sun are using our own calendar server product, so now we finally have at least beta support out of thunderbird.

Be sure to use the proper extension when installing, because for 0.3 there are at least 2 versions out there, one without and one with wcap support.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Google Alert

Google Alert is a great services where you can register your google search and have the (new) results delivered to your RSS reader (or e-mail if you insist) on a daily basis (in the free version; the pro version can deliver more often).

Cool thing to have (amongst others of course) my ego/vanity search results delivered automatically.

(Google Alert is a not a Google service but 3rd party).

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

book: The Cluetrain Manifesto

In Web/internet terms this is an old book, but still soooooo true. Probably more than ever.

Rick Levin, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls & David Weinberger:
The Cluetrain Manifesto.

Read it.
Get a clue.

With every blessing there is a bug.

My ADSL provider kindly upgraded me again, this time to a fair use flatrate.
Which - of course - is cool.

However, since there is now a flatrate, my Google Desktop Gadget which I hacked to always see this month's DSL volume, is now obsolet.
Not only that, it was also broken, because the webpage I have to parse to get the usage, has the relevant information on a different place for flat rate accounts than for strict by-volume accounts.

So, back to Javascript, do some debugging etc, etc ...
Works again now.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

displaytag library fixed

So I went and fixed the problem with the displaytag library I had yesterday.
Fixing it was easier then gettings the environment set up.
First - get maven;
Then find out, that there is a maven module for netbeans called Mevenide (for netbeans). This makes live with Maven(2) a lot easier, because maven based projects now simply appear as projects in Netbeans (not quite but almost liek ant-based).

Then it was just 2 hours to resolve the dependencies and actually find out how maven works.
And then 2 minutes to fix the problem:
Accept a SortedMap[] (yes, an array) where there's just a (List) cast in finishRow() in the TotalTableDecorator
(and of course use .length there instead of .size() )

Once that is done, it simply works as expected.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Display tag library

Got a great tip - thanks, Jasi.

displaytag is a great TLD for building tables in JSP files. Helped me to reduce my table formatting code from like 50 lines in a JSP (all with grouping etc) based on standard JSTL tags to just 12 lines:
<display:table ...>
<display:column .../>
<display:column .../>
... (10 columns alltogether)

Works great.
Does grouping and totals/subtotals according to those groups itself.
Allows for various formatting customizations.

Just one bug annoys me - seems to have to do with the data types I use:
When building a total sum it breaks with a ClassCastException... bug has already been filed; I'm waiting for the fix.

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Java 5 SuppressWarnings

When Java 5 introduced Annotations, it also came with an @SuppressWarnings annotation.
The purpose of it is to mark a block (e.g. a method) so it would not generate certain warnings.

In my case I have to mix a "legacy" library with my own code that uses generics. So "per definition" I get unchecked-warnings whenever I assign the non-generic collection from the library to my "generified" collections.

No worries there, that's what the
is for - right ?


Well not quite wrong. It's true, that's what the annotation is for.
However, it does not work.

I did a lot of yelling, wondering, code-changing (e.g. the explicit-non-varargs version like @SuppressWarnings({"unchecked"}), ...), but that did change this.

What helped was of course googling around for a couple of minutes.
There I stumled onto Sun bug #4986256 which clearly describes that the @SuppressWarnings was indeed documented, but not implemented in 1.5.0.

Well finally, it has been implemented in update 6 and guess what - I was still on update 5.

So am now on update 9 and it works.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Netbeans 5.5 trap

Arghh... I just installed Netbeans 5.5. the other day, to replace the rc2 I used to work with.
Install was smooth, I also re-declared all the libraries I used in a particular project (like javamail, htmlparser, and the postgresql drivers).
Everything compiled fine - and also did run fine - in the IDE only.

I found that in the .jar file I had all the references to those libraries to the local lib/ directory, like lib/javamail.jar etc), but no dist/lib directory, much less of course any library there.

However, in the dist directory NB put a nice little readme file stating the following:

When you build an Java application project that has a main class, the IDE
automatically copies all of the JAR
files on the projects classpath to your projects dist/lib folder. The IDE
also adds each of the JAR files to the Class-Path element in the application
JAR files manifest file (MANIFEST.MF).

To run the project from the command line, go to the dist folder and
type the following:

java -jar "Aware.jar"

To distribute this project, zip up the dist folder (including the lib folder)
and distribute the ZIP file.


* If two JAR files on the project classpath have the same name, only the first
JAR file is copied to the lib folder.
* If the classpath contains a folder of classes or resources, none of the
classpath elements are copied to the dist folder.
* If a library on the projects classpath also has a Class-Path element
specified in the manifest,the content of the Class-Path element has to be on
the projects runtime path.
* To set a main class in a standard Java project, right-click the project node
in the Projects window and choose Properties. Then click Run and enter the
class name in the Main Class field. Alternatively, you can manually type the
class name in the manifest Main-Class element.

Actually, I found that quite nice, to put a readme file to exactly the place where you are looking when you try to find that error.
What was less helpful was, that there was no lib directory and all the FAQ and questions on the mailing lists etc just said, that you probably have not defined your main class in the project's properties.
But I did.

Finally I re-re-re-read the readme file and thought a bit more about the condition:
* If a library on the projects classpath also has a Class-Path element
specified in the manifest,the content of the Class-Path element has to be on
the projects runtime path.
meaning, that if there is just one single entry in the classpath that points to a directory instead of a .jar file not a single jar file will be copied. Not just the one that is - eh - ill defined (i.e. directory instead of .jar, but lets not argue about that), but actually not a single .jar file is being copied that.

So I browsed through all my library definitions, and - of course - there was one that pointed only to the directory, which was fine for the IDE, but not for the .jar builder (it was the javamail, but actually it was my error).
Corrected this to point to the javamail/mail.jar file and everything worked fine.

Cost me just about half a day.

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Firefox 2 is out

Finally Firefox 2 got released. I still wonder whether I sould do a full install or wait for my installation to be auto-updated...

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