Sunday, November 05, 2006

displaytag library fixed

So I went and fixed the problem with the displaytag library I had yesterday.
Fixing it was easier then gettings the environment set up.
First - get maven;
Then find out, that there is a maven module for netbeans called Mevenide (for netbeans). This makes live with Maven(2) a lot easier, because maven based projects now simply appear as projects in Netbeans (not quite but almost liek ant-based).

Then it was just 2 hours to resolve the dependencies and actually find out how maven works.
And then 2 minutes to fix the problem:
Accept a SortedMap[] (yes, an array) where there's just a (List) cast in finishRow() in the TotalTableDecorator
(and of course use .length there instead of .size() )

Once that is done, it simply works as expected.

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Gopal said...

Can you share the fixed code please?

Roman said...

yes, pls see the update here