Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nokia 6233 vs Gmail

So I finally got a new phone: Nokia 6233 (to replace my 1 year old 6230i).
Works great, has nice little features and a good display (and hopefully the camera is better now, didn't test it yet).
Of course - as with every odd generation of Nokia phones - it has problems with bluetooth stability.
But is has a quite good email client app.
Comes with preconfired template settings for gmail.
However, they are wrong.
If you try the ones that come with the phone, you'll get a certificate error from google.
Even if you do a manual configration according to google (find the detalis here).
Certificate seems to be for instead of and so the phone rejects it.
It's hard to diagnose with the crappy error messages, but at least it gives you a hint to the certificate.
Google for the problem and you'll find the solution to change the hostnames to instead of

Then it will work.

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