Saturday, March 03, 2007

DSL flat rate - finally

Finally in Austria broadband providers are moving to true flat-rates, i.e. without any fair use clause.

Mine, too.

So from 15GB fair use a month, I'm now on a true flat-rate.

Love it.

Of course, this renders my Google-Desktop-Gadget that shows my current DSL usage totally useless, not only because without limit I don't care about the usage, but also because the use statistics of my provider no longer shows any volume.

As a side note to flat-rates:
There is currently a lot of stir in the mobile arena in Austria, because what some mobile operators advertised as a free flat-rate - of course - turned out to have a fair use clause, and they started to threat the users who were above the limit. Lawyers and courts are already employed, and operators have changed the small print to some larger font in the mean time.
The main problem was that they advertised free off-net calls including mobile to fixed-line, which in turn are not free to the operator, because they have to pay interconnection and of course they have limited intentions to pay for that endlessly...

Well, there is no free lunch, how often do we have to repeat that...

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