Friday, August 21, 2009

Nokia support is getting ridiculous

So last time Nokia support told me to "have some patience. The problem should be solved in the near future."
Wir bitten noch mal um etwas Geduld. Das Problem sollte sich naher Zukunft erledigen.
When today after a couple of days I inquired what they exactly mean by "near future" I was told they "could not give me more detailed information. In the near future means 3-4 weeks or more. We ask you for patience".

Wir können Ihnen leider keine genauere Auskunft geben. In naher Zukunft bedeutet 3-4 Wochen oder auch mehr.
Wir bitten um Geduld.
Just a reminder that first, they told me I was too stupid, and then that the website and the NSU database were just not in sync. Now the problem requires a couple of weeks (or possibly months) to be solved...

Just a reminder: the problem is to sync the information on the website with the NSU database requires 3-4 weeks or more... preposterous.

Well, this time I asked for the support manager... let's see what (s)he has to say regarding answers like those.
I'm waiting...

[1] re-reading this: they actually say (in German) that the problem would (more like) disappear in the near future.

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