Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sun Microsystems to Change Stock Ticker Symbol to JAVA

As Jonathan Schwartz (CEO) announced earlier on this blog and Sun official PR confirmed a bit latter, Sun will change their stock ticker symbol from SUNW to JAVA. Just to make that point that Sun is no longer about Workstations (the W in SUNW still means workstations, today).
JAVA is a technology whose value is near infinite to the internet, and a brand that's inseparably a part of Sun (and our profitability). And so next week, we're going to embrace that reality by changing our trading symbol, from SUNW to JAVA. This is a big change for us, capitalizing on the extraordinary affinity our teams have invested to build, introducing Sun to new investors, developers and consumers. Most know Java, few know Sun - we can bring the two one step closer.
And no, it is not April 1st.

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