Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't get Arrington'd

As a new (Web 2.0) service usually the best thing that can happen to you is to get on Mike Arrington's Techcrunch - and get a good review there.

However, you should to be prepared for this.
Yesterday saw a review of a very promising sounding service called Thumbalizr, that make screenshots / thumbnails from web sites; you just provide the URL of the site and pick the resolution you want. That easy.

Alas, it does not seem to be able to cope with the load it gets, since its review. It constantly fails even to bring up the start page within a reasonable response time, let alone give me a thumbnail of yours truly blog site here.

Well I guess the author on Techcrunch chose the title "Thumbalizr: A Really Good Idea, If It Worked" not by chance.

Well, I'll give it another try in a couple of days.

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