Monday, August 20, 2007

Sun IBM Solaris Deal again

Why is it that a good share of the media coverage of the Sun IBM Solaris deal got it wrong.

E.g. Der Standard (my favorite print newspaper) talks about a „server alliance“ between „rivals Sun and IBM“ ...

Others do as well (maybe Der Standard just copied from AP, with a similar line

„Two longtime rivals in computing, IBM Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc., plan to cooperate on server technologies, a move that could put pressure on their joint competitor Hewlett-Packard Co.“

If you haven't read of the agreement before, you probably think hardware... right ?

But its not about HW, its only about IBM reselling („OEMing“) the Solaris Operating System for its x86 line of servers. It is a big deal, but not a HW collaboration. And it will put preasure on HP (at least I hope so).

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