Thursday, January 06, 2011

Google's reference gadgets

With the Nexus One (by HTC) and the Nexus S (by Samsung) Google clearly wanted to publish a reference implementation and hardware for the respective Android versions.

The same is true for the Cr-48 as a reference hardware for their Chrome OS netbook operating system. Or Browser... or whatever it is now.

None of them is about about having a product out in the market, nor is their (main) purpose to have vanilla Google devices, which are not soiled by nasty vendor or operator code and customizations...

No, it's about setting a standard.
Having a reference.
For all the manufacturers, vendors, operators, reviewers (and bloggers).

I wonder when they will release such a reference device for tablets (with Android).
Or will they ever?

Currently it seems they haven't made up their mind about the tablet space... should it be Android (=tablet as a large phone, like Apple did) or should it be Chrome OS (=tablet as an even more reduced netbook, like everyone thought, before Apple did it the other way a year ago).

I guess this years CES will show.

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