Friday, September 26, 2008

Thunderbird compose HTML vs plain-text

I just noticed that there is a short-cut to kinda toggle between HTML and plain-text in Thunderbird when composing a message.

You just have to hold the shift-key when you "launch" the compose/editor window, and it will use the opposite mode of your profile.

So, when you have HTML on per default, and want to compose a new mail in plain-text you just hold the shift-key while you hit the "Create a new message" button.
Or when you hit Reply, ...


Does not work inside the composer window though.
Since I have not found a toggle button (extension) for it so far, and always going through Options->Format->Plain Text Only is a bit cumbersome, I'll write one ...

Someday. But for the time being, the shift-key helps.


m3 - Martin Leyrer said...

So set it to Plain Text and all is fine. :D

bjkeefe said...

Thanks. This helps.

Now, if only CTRL-Shift-R would do the same thing as holding down the Shift key and clicking Reply!

Roman said...

@Brendan: good point, might be worth looking into this.
I see what I can do