Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some Flickr Observations

Just some random thoughts and observations around flickr.

  • I don't get explore – or the interestingness.
    I do have (or did have) a couple of my pictures in explore in the past, but – quite frankly – I only see the explore-worthiness of 2 of the 5 - guess which.

    It's been a long time
    I don't really want to understand the algorithm, really, I just don't get it. That's all.

  • Why for example are my 2 personal favorites (of my own pictures) not in explore ?

    Cafe ArchieTip of the wing
    That's what I really don't understand.

  • Why did flickr change their start page?
    I now cannot distinguish that easily between activities on my pictures (comments, favs) from activities by me on other pictures. That used to be separate, and I quite liked it.

  • News drive(s) flickr views... [2]
    I do have aStadt des Kindes couple of pictures of my next door (or rather vis-a-vis) building, the "Stadt des Kindes" (read: City of/for children) - an abandoned former children's home and/or orphanage in Vienna. Used to be quite progressive 30 years ago - both, from a pedagogical and architectural point of view. Now the building is about do be demolished and the demonstrations against that of course made it into the local news... All of a sudden the stats on my Stadt-des-Kindes picture went significantly up, which google-image search being the #1 referrer[1].
    Strange ... but feels good.
So, thanks for listening.
Good night.

[1] I know that the HTTP header is called "referer", but don't blame me, if the standards guys don't know proper English.
[2] Does not really rhyme well, but what the heck.

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