Friday, January 06, 2006


So I finally decided to do a blog on my thoughts on IT, opensource, mobile, web, etc.
My programming/hacking experiences and pitfalls, etc.

A big sorry to Doug Kaye and the whole team of IT Conversations for the title, I hope he's not offended, but since this blog is intended to conserve (my thoughts, at least)...
I really like what you guys are doing.

What to expect:
  • thoughts (just thoughts)
  • java/perl/mozillla(xul,jscript) experiences
  • openoffice experiences
  • mobile/wap/sms/... ideas

So, without further ado... lets kick things off:

Something totally cool, I found today: newzingo.
What is it?
Let me quote them:
  • NEWZingo is constantly watching Google News for new stories, extracts related "tags" and displays them in a cloud.
  • The cloud below shows the current popular news tags. The bigger the tag, the more stories are about its topic.
  • In one glimpse you can see what the news is about, watch the cloud change as real world events unfold and then forgotten.

check it out here .
(Thanks to John Battelle (great book, btw) for the pointer.)

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