Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Firefox Live Bookmarks

A couple of days ago I finally discovered that Firefox has an RSS/Atom feed "reader" feature called Live Bookmarks.
(At least in 1.5, don't know about earlier releases).

This is - to me - the first time the Mozilla/Firefox guys goofed in a way we were previously only used from Microsoft.

Sorry to say that, but...
a) coining a totally new, random and wrong term like "live bookmarks" for feeds is only misleading.
b) they don't really work - since they only display as bookmarks, they only show the title, ...
no read/unread status, ...
c) you can only (that's why the call it bookmark, I guess) jump to the link given in the item/entry.
... Come on, that's not FF quality.

I was under the impression that the Thunderbird hat the most crappy implementation of feeds (notably totally inconsistent with the remaining Thunderbird look-and-feel and concepts), but this one really goes to Firefox.

Totally useless.

To me.

Well, to correct the above point: it might be useful for your proverbial "mother", who might not grasp the feed concept and is happy with that semi-static bookmark-like approach. But then again, she's not your typical FF user...

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