Saturday, December 15, 2018

Finally LastPass Autofill on iOS

I have to admit that I don't know how long this has been there, I just noticed it last week.
iOS (on my iPad) can finally use LastPass
(my favorite password manager) in addition to it's own keychain.

All you have to do (besides of course having a LastPass account and having the LastPass app installed on your device) is the following.

Go to the Settings menu, and find the section "Passwords & Accounts".
There you will see the item "AutoFill Passwords". Touch on the arrow to the right to get to the next step.


You should see all installed AutoFill applications there, in my case Keychain and LastPass.

All you need to do here, is select the check mark to the right to enable it.

Depending on your LassPass vault and settings, on the next Login (app or web-page), you will be given a choice to select the credentials from your LastPass account. In my case I have to provide a fingerprint first... but that's it.

Pretty cool. Essentially the same as with Keychain, just accross platforms. That's why I use LastPass.

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