Monday, November 05, 2012

[revisited] Google's reference gadgets

Almost 2 years ago (Jan 2011) I was musing about Google's reference device strategy; see my post from then.

At that time Google had the Nexus One (by HTC) and the Nexus S (by Samsung)  devices out, they also released the Cr48 as a reference for their Chrome line.
And I was wondering
I wonder when they will release such a reference device for tablets (with Android).
Or will they ever?

Well, they did, didn't they.
Here's the full Nexus family of devices as of now;
  • a really cool smart-phone (Nexus 4)
  • a mid size tablet (Nexus 7), that I really long for
  • a full tablet (Next 10)

So, they did it.

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