Monday, February 14, 2011

Dinosaurs mating

So... Nokia and Microsoft seem to mutually feel that they need each other to survive in the mobile / smartphone world.

I guess there is some truth to that, and it will play out to some extent:
  • Microsoft needs every hardware manufacturer they can get for their Windows Phone 7.
    In that regard, Nokia is very important and helpful to them: they still do have a huge base of followers, and they do have the operator connections.
  • Microsoft will gain a lot by the uni-lateral exclusivity: every Nokia smartphone will come with Windows Phone 7. So if you want Nokia (and a smartphone) you have to go Windows.
  • Nokia needs a good OS... Symbian was OK  - years ago, but would never stand up to iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
  • On the other hand: there's a good chance that Nokia smart phones will become just another HTC/LG/... phone.
There are still good reasons to choose Nokia:
  • They have robust hardware design - even Windows can't take that away.
  • They do know a lot more about radio and the phone functionality than Apple and the Android folks combined - but lets see if this can make it into a Windows phone
  • If you only want a feature phone, Nokia (with Symbian) is still an excellent choice.
What I'm not really sure about is: Do people explicitely want an iPhone or an Android phone ... or do they "just" want a nifty smart phone, and don't really care about the OS (and app ecosystem). The lackluster 2010 sales of Windows Phone 7 (despite all the push from Microsoft and others) and the decline of Nokia Symbian smartphones indicate that it really is about the OS (iOS, Android).

Let's see.

And one more thought:
Remember that Palm with the Treo once thought the found their salvation by giving up PalmOS and being embraced by Microsoft?


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