Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ProfiMail for the E71

Thanks to the hint of a colleague, I installed ProfiMail for the E71. Well, I needed the hint, because I never intended to install yet another 3rd party app on my E71...first of all, because this never increases the stability of the phone, and secondly, I thought it would only be cumbersome...

I couldn't have been more wrong.

ProfiMail (v3, 3.28 to be more specific) has everything you want from a professional mobile email client.
  • full imap/imaps support.
  • "push" email... well, it's "only" IMAP IDLE but thats good enough for me[1]
  • multiple accounts
  • full folder support on IMAP, and it allows you to move an email message from folder to folder.
  • user interface is very OK
  • proper attachment support
  • proper address book support
Seems like the creators actually use it themselves or have a good feedback process... it's the little things like the feature to check mail on startup and immediately go to the inbox when you start the email client...

Access to it is quite easy, if you map the application to the long-press of the Messaging one-touch-key, then it's just one (long) press on the envelope button, and there you go.

I seem to prefer it over the built-in iPod/iPhone mail client... but that's probably only because of the physical keyboard... which I stll prefer over the virtual touch keyboard.

[1] and it's enabled on my mail server...

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