Sunday, May 11, 2008

Skype, Google and YouTube for fun and profit

Just noticed that I had some dust on the sensor of my DSLR (Nikon D70). And while I was IM'ing with a friend (Max) on how to get rid of it, I googled for "nikon d70 sensor clean" and the first hit I got was this video on YouTube, showing how to clean the sensor of your D70 from dust.

I then only needed Max to tell me that I could use any straw instead of that blower thingy (provided that I don't spit through it)...

e voila: I followed the instructions, did not spit, and the sensor now is clean again.

Thanks, Skype, Google and YouTube.


Nose said...

boy are you brave!
I would never touch my sensor, rather turn to specialists like Beck or others... in good photo clubs (at least the one I am in) they offer cleaning servis at almost no cost to members

Roman said...

I know... but I couldn't have done more than get it more dusty, right... so it was worth a try