Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Got rid of my printer

A couple of days ago I got rid of my printer at home... and old Lexmark [1] ink printer.
First of all because it was broken.
Secondly because it has been broken for about half a year... and I never really did mind... because I did not even want to print anything.
So now was a good time to discard it.[2]

Boy, did I suddenly gain space on my desk.

And I'm one more step closer to the paperless (home) office.
If that will ever work.

Reminds me of the decade old saying "We'll have the paperless toilet before we have the paperless office."

Still true today.

[1] well exIBMers just have to buy Lexmark, don't they.
[2] actual trigger was windowcleaning... and I had to move the printer to the side to get access to the window.

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