Friday, March 21, 2008

Flickr mobile soo different from (full) flickr

Why is this ?

Look at the regular Flickr home page:

You have a clear structure there.
  1. upload
  2. your photos / recent-activity / comments
  3. photos from contacts
  4. everyone else
  5. your groups
On Flickr mobile you have

  1. recent activity
  2. photos from contacts
  4. upload
  5. your photos
  6. everyone else
  7. explore
  8. your contacts
or, if I use the numbers from full flickr.
2b. 3. 2c. 1. 2a. 4. na na

But why ?

I understand that options 7 and 8 are added, because in the full flickr interface they are in the javascript drop down menus. Hard to do on a mobile.
But why change the order and structure of the other items ? Why not keep them in sync ?

And most importantly: why do I care ?

Can't say, but just annoys me.

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