Saturday, June 16, 2007

2 great videos about the future of media

... and everything related to media.

First, check out EPIC -
In the year 2014, The New York Times has gone offline.
The Fourth Estate's fortunes have waned.
What happened to the news?
And what is EPIC ?

(If the above link does lead you to a video, try this here.

Then come back here ;-)

Then have a look at the recently created work by Casaleggio Associati with a view back from April 6th, 2051
(via and Read/Write Web):

I really like the Google-Microsoft meshup logo at almost exactly 3'00:

Now, I'm not subscribing to all the views, fears and hopes (?) expressed in both videos, but they really make you think about the current developments and what might happen if the trend continues at that pace.

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