Thursday, May 24, 2007

Schedule meetings with Doodle

Today I stumbled upon a great service (or was reminded of it, to be honest) to easily schedule meeting across organisations.
Now don't expect something fancy with calender synch and free-busy-scheduling etc... nothing like that.
Just a simple web-based tool to facilitate the coordination and polling for a meeting date & time.

The service is called Doodle and works like this.
  1. Create a new appointment like this:

  2. Select one or more (!) dates you'd like to propose for the appointment.

  3. Fill in the time slots on those days

  4. Save the event and use the first link provided by Doodle and copy-paste it into the email you send off using your e-mail client with any message you like.

  5. The recipients will then eventually receive your email, click on the link provided (see above) and see the status of the poll like this:

  6. Then they simply fill in their name and check or uncheck their preferences/votes and that's it.

Quite easy, right ?

And even more important:
  1. You don't have to register for the service.
  2. The recipients don't have to register for the service.
  3. You don't have to give the email addresses of the recipients to Doodle, because you're not using Doodle to actually send the email.
  4. You're quite spam-filter-proof, because you are sending the invitation and not a internet service.
  5. No technical stuff with .ics/ical/... calender formats and synching, nothing. Plain simple.
I really like that service.

(Of course it would be great that once the meeting has been voted for and decided upon you'd get an iCal file to import into your calendar... but I'd rather prefer it that simple...)

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