Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Netgear is letting me down

Sadly in the past week(s) my Netgear MR314 started to let me down on the Wifi.
Worked like a charm for about 4 years now, but now the Wifi seems broken. Neither my Palm (T|X) nor my IBM ThinkPad are able to connect. And I triple-checked the settings... Ethernet still works fine.
I really loved this box, the last series of Netgear that just worked without problems. It just had 802.11b though, but I rarely cared (only when I had to transfer large files from the ThinkPad to the PC or v.v., but then I just plugged the ThinkPad to the (wired) Ethernet).
So, I'm gonna start looking for a Linksys ... or a used MR314... if I can get one for under 5€ ...

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