Thursday, December 21, 2006

Java IS everywhere...

I just installed my DVB-T set-top box because the Austrian broadcasting system is switching from analog to digital. Since I don't have cable ('cause the cable company refuses to install cable in my area) and just don't want to have a satelite dish, I'm still on the terrestrial system.
Now I have to switch to digital... So I just bought the box... and guess, after switching it on, when the device first initializes, it shows a Java powered logo.

Sooooo cool.


Sachin Dharmapurikar said...

Sachin: Would you like to please comment on Set top box quality of interface? I was wondering if this does better than traditional interface. How is the speed of startup and stability of the product?

Will wait for .Net powered STBs :)

Roman said...

@Sachin: frankly, I cannot compare it to any other box or device, since this is the only settop box I own, but userinterface, menus, etc are quite responsive and layout is ok. Ask me again in 2 months ;-)