Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Loosely coupled monitoring

In the world of SOA, webservices and (generally) loosely coupling systems and applications, monitoring gets a new quality. And I really mean not just "more important" but a new quality.

I still can't say what it will have to look like, but the current (system/server centric) approach, with monitoring more or less single system (from a building block perspective) performance, availability, capacity, etc, etc will not be able to cover SOA et al.

I guess it will become more important to measure and know where a certain instance or class of message (or document) is using what kind of resources (or blocking them).
Won't monitoring "probes" become actual attributes or tags of the messages that traverse through the various buses and systems, being updated at each (logical) hop and at the same time updating some performance counters on those hops?

To me this looks like really orthogonal to today's approach.

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