Thursday, March 24, 2011

WebOS on my Laptop?

I sort of made fun about WebOS on a PC the other day; but after a nice chat with Max, I began to realize that there indeed is a use for WebOS on a PC... on a Laptop to be precise.
  • Imagine a regular Laptop (HP in this case here, if it makes it easier for you :-) )
  • Imagine also that by some magic means you'd tell it to boot WebOS instead of Windows/Linux when you power it on or de-hibernate it.
  • Imagine that you'd have an excellent browser, video player, good-enough email app, good-enough word/excel/powerpoint viewer and editor, ... all that you have on regular iPads or Android-Tablets today.
That'd give you an iPad/Tablet-like instant-on-gadget with a full QWERTY keyboard and excellent battery life.

On the airport, on the train, on your daily commute, ... this sounds a lot easier than Windows for those situations

Some thoughts and pre-reqs on this:
  • You'd need something like a "WebOS key" which you hold to "boot" the WebOS mode.
    Windows must not even start to de-hibernate.
  • WebOS would need to be already running (hibernated to flash, or something like that), not really booted from scratch
  • The laptop would need an extra power-saving mode and maybe clock the CPU down in WebOS mode so save battery life
And if you really need the full enterprisey stuff to create rich corporate boring PowerPoint presentations with pie-charts and everything, you can still boot into Windows, like you used to.

Come to think of it, I might actually want WebOS on my laptopThinkPad.


m3 - Martin Leyrer said...

So what you are basically describing is a larger Psion 3/5? ;)

Unknown said...

For me that feature set was what netbooks always promised but never kept. Now that's my iPad for me...

Max said...

Who knows, perhaps webOS on that Laptop or Netbook might persuade you enough to migrate to webOS TouchPad and BT keyboard eventually.

There are only so many apps which are considered "essential" and often used. Commoditize the hardware and software to run those. That's the idea.

- Email
- Browser
- Text Notes
- Calendar
- Contacts
- (Instant) Messaging
- Maps
- ...

Eventually, lots of more apps will grow through the App Catalog ecosystem. One day, you'll consider your machine bloated again. But until then - in a few years time - this is the slimmed down, fast, and easy access system, as opposed to your current Windows 7 or MacOS laptop.

BTW, I totally agree to astifter's comment.

P.S. I am the "Max" mentioned in the original post.