Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book: iWoz - by and about Steve Wozniak

A couple of weeks ago I read iWoz: How I invented the Personal Computer and had fun doing it by and about Steve Wozniak.
Only I forgot to blog about it then. So here you go.

Fascinating book... well, when I say that, it will not win the Nobel prize, but it is so full of memories.
That is,
  • if you ever did something in hardware;
  • if you ever (like I did at TechU Vienna) designed some chips (integrated circuits - not crisps or fries)[1] 
  • if you ever designed a small computer system, with CPU, memory, and all the device controllers
  • if you ever had to write BIOS functionality or at the operating system level
  • if you ever wanted to do more with some gadget than the manufacturer intended you to do
  • if you ever spent[2] days optimizing some machine instructions / assembler programs to use 2 cycles less
If you ever were a geek, if the name Steve Wozniak has any meaning to you... go and read this book.
An experience quite close to time travel

[1] by the way my first contact with SunOs
[2] read: wasted

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