Sunday, January 27, 2013

Did Facebook Replace Restaurant Homepages?

This stems from a couple of conversations that I had recently, about how restaurant homepages lack content.
Many of them at best have their contact details, but nothing else.

In one case the phone number was an image file, so I could not even copy-paste the phone number :(
(Or they are total flash-crap).

I don't want to single out anyone, just give examples here, that came up.
All of them, however, do have very active Facebook pages.

One reason I can think of is that Facebook has actually replaced those store / restaurant homepages. And there are good reasons for this

  • it comes with hosting / homepage / everything
  • it does have a simple content management system (if you really stretch the term) and you don't have to mess around with HTML/CSS or any of that
  • it comes with statistics
  • you can easily enter a conversation with your "visitors" (or friends or followers)
However, you still might consider having one of those half-empty pages (and domain) so that Google will still index you.
And: no, I could not find any of them on Google+ :(

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Why, Flickr, Why ?

As much as I like the new flickr app for iPhone [1] and Android, I wonder, why they could not decide on one layout for the toolbar

The above is from iPhone, the lower is from Android.

Why, Flickr, why ?

[1] actually, I use it on my iPad, but there is no HD version yet, so I have to use the iPhone version... room for another rant :)