Wednesday, December 28, 2022

OxygenOS 13 missing per-app language

A couple of weeks ago I got the Android 13 / OxygenOS 13 update for my OnePlus 9, looking forward to the per-app language feature from Android 13.

Reason for that is, that I just like to run my devixes in English, but some local (i.e. Austrian or German) apps just have terrible translations, or I am just not in an "English context", i.e. when Banking or doing my taxes.

Some apps of course can set the language within the app, but some just take the system settings.

Android 13 allows to override this (with a tiny little help of the app, it only has to declare in the manifest which languages it actually has translations for).

But it appears OxygenOS13 failed to implement exactly that feature.


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