Saturday, December 06, 2014

Wakelock Detector for Nexus 5 non-root, Lollipop

Earlier this week I had a good discussion and exchange with Max  - mainly on the Moto 360 watch, but also on a lot of Android / phone topics.

We were sort of mentally debugging a battery/power problem he had on his device (1+1), while my own Nexus 5 was lying around as idle as possible: I had to put it into power saver mode because my own battery was down to 5% at 7pm already.

So after all this discussion about Android power consumption etc etc, I decided not only to do some cleanup on my own device:

  • delete two of the 3 calendar apps, because Lollipop Calender + widget is quite OK now (I removed Cal and Sunrise)
  • change email sync frequency in Boxer from Automatic(Push) to 15 minutes.
but also to install the Wakelock Detector app (WLD), to check if any app is blocking my phone from going to sleep properly.

Since my phone is not rooted (and I have not intention to root it - for the time being), I needed to provide a little help and trick to WLD: essentially through local tpcip connection to the adb on the device. Very well documented here.

So, let's see what I'll find out.


Nate Wheeler said...

You get WLD to work in Lollipop? The step in the slides for kitkat to run adb on the phone through terminal emulator don't work for me. Doesn't seem like adb can be run on the phone now?

Roman said...

I'm pretty sure it worked like described.
Good thing is, that I broke my Nexus5 and will get the new one in Monday, then I can verify this easily...

Roman said...

I tried this again as promised, and it works fine.