Saturday, June 08, 2013

Recommendations: music vs apps

I think it was on a recent episode of This Week in Google where someone was expressing their hope that now that Google seems to have good recommendation engine in their Google Music service, that this would extend to the Apps market/store as well.

I beg to differ: recommendation for music (or books, or "arts" in general) is rather easy [1], because you (the consumer, the audience) is very likely interested in stuff similar to what they already head/read/like/love.

On the apps side, this does not make any sense; you don't need an app that has a similar user interface to ones you already have/use, you don't need a second or third todo app, or calendar app.

You might collect jazz or Beethoven or Sci-Fi books, but you don't collect todo apps.

[1] not that I knew how to program it, but easy as a concept

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