Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mozilla Messaging is out

Finally Mozilla Messaging is "out".

"Out" as in "out in the wild", i.e. spun off of Mozilla.

And they announced the plans for Thunderbird3.

"Current plans for Thunderbird 3 include:

* Integrated calendaring (based on the existing Lightning extension)
* Radically improving search
* Many other user interface improvements such as faster workflow, improved feed reading, simpler user interface, automatic configuration, and more."
So, not a lot:
  • Lightning (Calendar project) integration was to be expected,
  • "radically improving search" is still not a lot if you think of the current search non-capabilities...
  • and the items under bullet 3 I don't care for a lot.

Guys, what about a proper address book and social network integration ??

1 comment:

m3 - Martin Leyrer said...

Or Jabber-based presence awareness inside an email for example?
Show an green icon next to the name, if the sender is online via Jabber.

That would be nice. :)