Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Most missing feature on my Nokia

The last parade of Nokia mobiles I had [1](and still have) lacked one important feature:

If I go to the calendar „application“ I can schedule a call with a person from my contacts list or any phone number I choose to enter. At the given time I will get a reminder and - by simply pressing the green „call“ button - I call this person.




Why, then, can't I create this entry from a person/contact context. E.g. I am in the address book / contact list, or I am in the missed/received calls list... most of the time I want to schedule a call (or call back) from there. I saw that someone called e.g. whilst I was in a meeting, and I want to call him back after the meeting, say in 30 min. Or I just called someone, got on their voicebox and want to try again in an hour.

Why didn't anyone think of this use case?

Why doesn't any mobile support his ?

I just checked: not even the iPhone...

[1] 6310i, 6230i, 6233

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