Monday, August 20, 2007

Sun to integrate Synchronica SyncML solution

Sun and Synchronica just announced that they are about to add Synchronica's SyncML solution to their communications software portfolio ... at least that's how I read the press release:

Sun plans to use the core SyncML synchronization engine and the back-end connectors of the Mobile Gateway product to synchronize SyncML enabled devices with the Sun Java System Communications Suite or Sun Java System Application Platform Suite. Furthermore, Sun intends to use the provisioning module (OMA CP) enabling over-the-air configuration of mobile devices, reducing the need for manual device configuration. In addition, Sun is planning to use Synchronica's SyncML clients for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC and Palm OS enabling industry-standard synchronization on Smart phones that do not support SyncML out of the box.

That would be great, especially given the huge installed base of the Sun communications products (mainly the Mail Server) with ISPs and Telcos.

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