Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beyond Google Reader - Part 3

So, only 5 more weeks or so to go before we geeks have to eke out our miserable existence without Google Reader.
As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I will most probably switch to Feedly.

Here's where I stand today:
  • I mostly gave up the Google Reader app on my Android mobile, 99.9% on Feedly.
  • On my iPad I do 80% on Reeder, 20% on Feedly... and Feedly's share is increasing.
    Reeder's future is not entirely clear, except they say they plan to continue.
  • On the PC I'm also 80% still in Google Reader, 20% in Feedly.
Basically I'm waiting for Feedly to launch their own back-end service, then import (hopefully auto-magically) my Google Reader feeds in there and just continue.

Ah, and in the meantime Digg seems to be progressing with their Reader back-end. Let's hope they'll launch it openly for any reader app out there.

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