Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lenovo dumps the good old ThinkPad keyboard

Look at this... Lenovo decided to dump the good old (IBM) ThinkPad keyboard in its recently announced T-series upgrade.

There have always been three reasons for a ThinkPad (IBM or Lenovo)
  1. they keyboard
  2. the physical stability
  3. the trackpoint
One less... too bad.

I really don't understand it - it cannot be the cost of production, because most ThinkPad users will gladly pay the higher cost and thus price for the classic keyboard. They already do anyway.

Or maybe it's a royalty/patent thingy with IBM... who knows.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone still use the nipple mouse thing on these awful corporate keyboards? Why does it still persist?

Roman said...

I've been using the TrackPoint for years and will continue to do so, as long as Lenovo let me... If you are used to it, it is soooo much better than this touchy thingy... Closer to the keys, less finger movement, ... I just love it
But maybe that's just me...