Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thunderbird 8 and Lightning 1.0

So, 2 days ago Thunderbird 8 has been released.

The major changes are:
  • more restrictive handling of extensions/add-ons, especially those that come from other apps... those will be disabled by default... Thunderbird Installer will guide you through this.
  • keyboard short-cuts for the various search options have been changed.
While it has been Ctrl-F for both, the Find within the current message and the QuickFilter for the current folder, it is now
  • Ctrl-F for Find (within the current message)
  • Ctrl-Shift-K for the QuickFilteron on the folder
  • and Ctrl-K is unchanged for the global (indexed) search.
Took me 2 days to get accustomed to the Ctrl-Shift-K.
Well, almost. Not entirely. But I'll manage.

Also I had to "manually" upgrade 3 add-ons that were not declared compatible with TB 8, because no-one cared to update their install.rdf in the XPI file... quite cumbersome... See my rant earlier this year.

Ah, yes, and Lightning finally made it to official release 1.0 ... after years of beta.

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