Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Google+ Android App

While everyone seems to be waiting for their G+ activation and/or iOS app, I just like to point out that the current Android App for Google+ is in all aspects superior to the Facebook app on Android (and on iOS).
  • Faster
  • Syncs with all other google services (check this in Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> Google)
  • Faster
  • Not sure if the Huddle (group texting) service is really a plus... haven't used it so far
  • Faster
  • The photo/video auto upload feature is great:
    privacy is OK, because your pictures will only go to a private folder in Picasa and they are almost instantaneously available in G+ to share
  • Faster
  • Images/Photos actually are shown/loaded, whereas in the FB app they fail to load at all in about 1/3 of the times I click on one (Wifi or 3G/HSDPA connection)
So all in all: big + for the G+ app.

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