Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reading 2.0

The iPad and a couple of additional tools (not 100% related to it) changed my online reading habits a lot.

Here's my "Reading 2.0" or rather: as of December 2010, it will probably evolve further:
  1. I have Google Reader as the central management point for the RSS feeds (blogs, news, ...)
  2. about 30% of those articles I read online while I'm in front of a PC.
  3. the rest I scan on my iPad using Reeder.
  4. Most of the interesting articles and postings I save for later reading with Read it later, also on the iPad with their app.
  5. Item with more "eternal" value might then get save to delicious, but that's only one or two a week.
So basically I separated the consumption phase (step 4) above from the discovery phase (step 3 above).

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