Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some E71 shortcuts

Here are some keyboard shortcuts for the E71 I discovered:

  • Press & hold * (star)
    Turn on/off Bluetooth... quite handy
  • Press & hold #(hash)
    Should switch between general and silent profile,
    but does switch between line #1 and line #2 on mine
    I'd have preferred the profile switch...
In text edit / messaging:
  • Fn-Ctrl-C [1]
    Clipboard Copy
  • Fn-Ctrl-V
    Clipboard Paste
  • Fn-Ctrl-X
    Clipboard Cut
Useful... yes, sort of...

But try hitting [Fn] [Ctrl] and [C] (or V or X) at the same time... and still hold the phone in one hand...
Almost impossible... see where those keys are located:

Lucky however, that you don't have to press and hold them at the same time. Fn, then Ctrl, then C/V/X is OK... so you can do it quite easily.
[1] Ctrl being Chr/Ctrl or Alt/Strg (on German keyboard) - the key in the very lower right corner

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