Tuesday, July 01, 2008

OpenOffice.org 3

I've been playing around with the latest OpenOffice.org 3 builds for a couple of weeks now...
One of the nicest changes in the Writer is the zoom functionality, which (quite frankly) s^h^h ^h was not that good in previous releases.

Now it looks like this:

You can actually zoom by dragging the slider... as expected.

A lot better than in the old dialog:

So lets forget about that.

btw: you can safely run OOo 3 (developer builds) alongside an older version (e.g. StarOffice 8 in my case).


Nose said...

In the sum of software I use, there are 2 way of zooming:
a) (ms office way) ctrl + roll mouse wheel
b) (photoshop way) ctrl++, ctrl+-
and the "photoshop way" means that you can press "space" and drage the mouse to pan the window.

anything else is a reinvention of the wheel.
my 2 eurocts

Roman said...

Indeed I agree...
what you call the a) ms office way of course works in OOo/SO as well...
the only restriction I see with this method, is that it does not work (for me) on a coworkers laptop that only comes with a stupid touchpad instead of a trackpoint...

and what you call the b) photoshop way is what I call the Mozilla way ... does not work in Office (ms or oo) becuase ctrl+- is reserved for the conditional hyphen there for decades now.