Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tupalo badges

Tupalo (see here) now also has bagdes (i.e. widgets), which allow to embed a spot on your webpage / blog; in their own words:
The Tupalo Spot Widget code is available from every Tupalo Spot page, allowing you to embed a formatted business information widget into your posts. The Tupalo Spot Widget is perfect for those with a blog or website allowing Javascript.
Works fine.
2 minor issues, though:

  1. I'd also like to have a widget that lists my favorites on tupalo (=dynamic), not only 1 single spot (=static)
  2. the styles don't seem to work smoothly, see the title in the screen shot:
    I haven't looked into it with too much effort, but I guess they just don't really provide their own styles, or they are broken.
Apart from that, good work, guys.

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