Thursday, April 10, 2008

Speed Dial killed my Firefox

Strange... I have been using the Speed Dial extension for Firefox for quite some while now, and a couple of days it started to kill my Firefox after startup...
First I though it was the Norton §$%&/() product.... but then I played around with
firefox.exe -safe-mode
and voila it worked again.

Disabling extension by extension revealed that Speed Dial was the culprit.

So it had to let it go.


Nose said...

something, somehow tends to crash my ff and I dont know exactly what it is (not reproducible)
so does that -safe-mode truly help me find the misbehaving piece?

Roman said...

-safe-mode allows you to run an instance of FF w/o any add-on... for this one time... it does not remove them... so you can get it up and running and then from there disable and re-enable extensions.

non-intrusive, if you will.