Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dopplr and city data

Dopplr is a great service... I really like it.
However, the quality of the city/location data ... well ... sucks.
At least for Austria.
Try Saalbach (major skiing resort) or the city of Krems ... totally unknown to Dopplr and replaced with nearby villages that don't make any sense.
Dopplr say that rely on data from the GeoNames project, but Geonames has all those data...(try Saalbach or Krems)... so why doesn't Dopplr know about them...



Nose said...

yeah and if you read the FAQ page they tell you the service is named after Austrian scientist Christian Doppler. You would expect a little more knowledge about Austria then.
And I just browsed their pages, didnt even find an imprint...

Roman said...

well I don't really demand specific knowledge about Austria... I don't demand any knowledge about the geo information from the dopplr-guys at all ... thats why they do use the data from geonames... but why does the import (seemingly) not work properly ?