Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apple Safari for Windows - Why ?

Safari 3 for Windows - Engadget:
"Sign one more up for the browser war, Apple is shipping the third version of its well received Safari WebKit-based browser over to foreign shores to duke it out with the likes of IE, Firefox and Opera... on Windows."
Even engadget don't seem to take it seriously...

Why would I want YABOW (yet another browser on windows) ? Theres plenty of them.

To be frank, about 4:
Firefox (rulez)

Maybe Flock will get some traction, once it will finally be released.

Here's the browsers that access my blog:

But why would I want Safari ? What benefits would it offer ? Why would I want Apple to maintain a proprietary browser code if there is a perfect open source browser ?
What could Safari possible do better, than Firefox ? (And don't you say speed). It even renders horribly.

So: Sorry, Apple; I usually love you, but this is just nonsense.

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