Monday, May 14, 2007

ODF vs MS OpenOfficeXML

So much for the OPEN in Microsoft's OpenOfficeXML, they simple start by locking you in:

from Crushed by the Wheels of Industry | Tech News on ZDNet
But when I read the files in Word 2007 and eventually found the "Save As" entry in the new menu system I discovered to my horror it was grayed out. "This feature is only available in the full version of Office 2007." popped up a helpful little message. "Click here to purchase it." Getting increasingly worried, I decided to try a more desperate measure. I selected the whole file and looked for the "Copy and Paste" option. I might lose the formatting this way, but at least I'd get the text of the essay she'd written.

Copy and paste were disabled in the same way, and with the same message.Copy and paste were disabled. Think about the fear and paranoia that led to that decision in the product design meeting for the trial version. "We want people to save in the new formats. The new formats are better." So much so that all customer choice must be disabled by default. Choice is an optional extra, only available after purchase.

In case you missed it: SAVING (to other formats) and COPY-PASTE are disabled... and they still call it OPEN.

How can Microsoft get away with that ?
(Of course this is only for the sake and in the interest of the consumer ... right ?)

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