Tuesday, February 13, 2007

URL Fixer extension for FF et al

I finally installed the URL Fixer extension into my FireFox today (works for all mozilla based browsers).
What it does is, it tries to fix common typos in the address bar, e.g.
.cmo to .com and similar things.

Sadly it currently has no options page, i.e. cannot be configured. So we have to live with whatever the author comes up with and builds into it.

I surely hope there will be an option page soon. For his own sake, he doesn't want to chase every possible typo and release a new version for it... Apart from probably conflicting interests like there is a request to change .jo to .jp just because some Japanese users frequently mistypes .jp as .jo. Of course this would be convenient for him, but what would people of Jordan (.jo) think ? Or will someone from Jordan soon request .jp to be "fixed" to .jo.

So, - pretty please ... with sugar on top - make it configurable.
Apart from that: GREAT hack.

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